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Ranch 13: Stages of Farming Education Pt 1

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In farming, especially the farming I’ve learned to do, everyone has to start at the beginning. And the beginning is, inevitably, as lackey. A lackey helps the farmer (or at least the next-most-experienced individual on the farm) do basic tasks, … Continue reading


Climbing Over the Hump

The hump is on the downslope; the brightness is on the rise. This past weekend – and even a bit of last week – I felt resistant to where I am, what I am doing, who I am doing it … Continue reading


Ranch 12B: Spring Works Pt 2

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When we return to the corrals, we set up our stations: Phil and his helper (whoever is going to be back there with him) set up their gates and pens; I make sure my supplies are ready for tying the … Continue reading


Being Poor at SnowHill

I am a poor man. How poor? Poor enough to lose the little I had to a spineless, vindictive son-of-a-bitch who without word, warning, or reason threw me in this building for an indeterminate amount of time. At least I … Continue reading


Ranch 12: Spring Works Pt 1

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We’re near the end of what’s called on most ranches “Spring Works.”  It’s roughly a month of transitioning the cattle from their winter country (usually ‘low country’) to their summer pastures (‘high country’).  I presume the two seasonal locations are … Continue reading


Ranch 11: Working with Cattle and Carrots

20 May 2014 in my bed, after drinking a large bottle of Lagunitas’ NightTime Ale To work with cattle, you must think like cattle. Similarly, to work with chickens, you must think like a chicken. For the former farmer, slow … Continue reading


Stream of Thoughts about Moving, in the Garden

Written over the course of a few weeks, with a few minutes at a time, on the ranch, on the NAU campus, and around Flagstaff. I’m only 23. I’m young – maybe just a year or two older than the … Continue reading


Post-ADK 2: Brooklyn Musings

15 November 2013 Parkside Café, Brooklyn, NY The best food is made not by those who learn, but by those who know. I’m in a small café in Brooklyn: Hispanic, Latino, and Caribbean cultures create this place. The food might … Continue reading


Dream Journal: Teeth Noises

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I awoke last night (well, at the time of this posting, two nights ago, although this morning I also awoke to a similar situation) to two sounds, one concrete and discernible, the other temporal and questionable. The jolt that brought … Continue reading