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Response to Sandman: The First

Part of this project was to respond to a classmate’s (or multiple) posts each week.  This was the first and only comment to my first post. First off, I applaud your choice in authors! However, I have never truly had … Continue reading


(S4S) Sandman: The First – Thurs, 04 Feb 2010

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Well, he wasn’t really the first. Out of all the Endless, Dream is the third oldest, after his brother Destiny and sister Death. After Dream comes Destruction, Despair, Desire and Delirium. Right off the bat, you can see some patterns. … Continue reading


Returning to the Search for the Sandman

In my freshman year of college I was in an i-Series English class called “Writing in the Wireless World.”  It concerned integrating viewpoints and literary communications in the digital era; we learned how to convey our ideas through multi-media, including … Continue reading