What’s for Breakfast

Traveling is a large part of my life.  I enjoy the act of travel, the individuals I meet whilst traveling, and the emotions and thoughts I feel and think before, during, and after a successful trip.  Traveling has brought me to places no one will ever follow, and has introduced me to ideas no one will ever again conceive.  It has expanded my world view, diversified my interests, and augmented my childhood education with lessons from other children’s educations.

And yet, with all the traveling, there must always be an anchor.  This is the internet for many of my friends, but for me I find that food and drink allow me to be most comfortable in a new place.  So, after waiting four hours in a station for the next train (after I missed my scheduled train) across a foreign country, and then walking for half an hour to find the hostel, the only treat I could conceive to get me out of the mess was a clean whiskey and . . .

two hard-boiled eggs.

I enjoy dark beer, a good book on a sunny day on a nice, green mountain (although the desert is taking its hold on me), and friendly, motivated partners with whom I can enjoy life and imagine a world with and a world without.

While the environment is a large part of my life, I study Anthropology because I find myself people-watching wherever I go and wondering why individuals do what they do. Not from a psychological perspective, but from a cultural. From booze to banking, everyone does it differently.  This lesson I learned from traveling across southern and western Europe, Israel, and Jamaica, living and working on organic farms.  People of the land might speak the same language, but the words used are just pulled from different parts of the dictionary.

This blog’s purpose is not so single anymore.  While it’s initial purpose is still true: to condense and streamline my journals from my older gap year journals (which were admittedly intimidating to read for their length) to my travel logs in Arizona and the Adirondacks, and past the foreseeable futures, it also includes a bit of everything else, my thoughts on the world – both large and small, poetry and fiction, journals and reflections.

It’s two hard-boiled eggs.  With a side of everything.

2 responses to “What’s for Breakfast

  1. Very well written.
    It is a amazing what can be learned by experiencing other cultures and how it influences our life. My son is also a bit of a traveler, working on organic farms in Canada.
    I will enjoy following your blog. 🙂

  2. Third sentence: “every” should probably be “ever.” And I’m sorry my first comment and read on your blog is a snobby correction but I think it matters. So I’m going to be a good person now and read more ok? 🙂

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