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Welcome to the Hill

On the metro last night on my way to see an old friend, in town for a long weekend as she moves from her sunny California home to the fluctuatingly-frigid northeast, I was struck by a story.  I created the … Continue reading


Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (2)

The started early, around 06:30.  I was due at Beau’s farm, Rettland Farm, at 07:00.  I wore warm, semi-water-proof clothes and was ready to see things I’d never seen before. I pulled into the farm’s driveway between a gigantic barn … Continue reading


From Montréal (1/4)

This is another series post, this time from my 36 hours in Montréal, Québec, Canada.  I haven’t really written a ‘journal’ entry in a while, here or in any of my books, so it might seem a bit choppy.  *sigh* … Continue reading


From There to Here (pt 2/x)

This update series covers from Graduation to ‘now.’  Here goes an attempt to introduce you (whoever you may be) to the last six weeks of my life, and get you seated more comfortably for the remaining four-point-five months of my life. Orientation was more … Continue reading


From Then to Now (pt 1/x)

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This update was asked for by some of my family, and after seeing a few of them tonight (thanks for dinner!) I decided to actually use my house’s internet for something other than watching Dogma, posting (and browsing) on Reddit, and … Continue reading


A Rock in the Desert

Today we went to Red Mountain, a cinder-cone remains of a long-forgotten volcano in the Coconino National Forest.  It’s a short hike in, starting at a trail head about 45 minutes from campus, north, towards the Canyon.  The ten-minute walk … Continue reading


Welcome to the Tent

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Good evening! This blog was created initially last summer (2011) in order to retell my adventures from working at College Park Diner (how often can you get so many fascinating people into one room, eating at one time?), but by … Continue reading